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东南网澳大利亚站6月7日讯(本站记者 彭寒) 从Craig的曾祖父开始,x8彩票分分彩:他们家就在Reid地区定居了。Craig在这里出生和长大,对于他来讲,这里是他唯一的家乡。

Chinese Australian business owners to be the big winner

Given last year’s Free Trade Agreement with China, and now the small business tax cut, Craig holds the same belief with David Coleman that this is the best time of helping Australian small business expand to China. Meanwhile, he also believes the Australian Chinese entrepreneurs are to be the early winner.

“The key to do business in China is not just dollars and cents. It’s language and culture. “

“Our Australian Chinese communities have the amazing opportunity to be the early adopters. “

“That benefits both countries. Not only FTA is important to all Australia, but in the short term, as I have seen in Reid, China born Australians are the first people to take the advantage (of both FTA and small business tax cut).”

On University Deregulation

We have seen the education sector as one of the main battlefields of this election. Just like what arouses concern of large amount of overseas students, we’ve seen the possibility of university deregulation, which might end up with number of costlier courses.

”If we are to have our universities as places attractive for overseas students, they are quite clearly that they’d be looking at the quality of education. ”

“I know everyone wants to focus on the cost and yes that’s important. But we need to overcome the fact that the quality and the entrance marks have decreased. ”

Speaking on the challenge of the education system of Australia, Craig started with his expectation on his own kids.

“Most people want their kids to go to universities. I’m a little different. I’m desperate for my child to have a good-paid job. What’s the use of turning out a student with university education if that student can’t find a job?”

“There’s a stigma attached to get a trade qualification. But today’s trainees are tomorrow’s small business operators. ”

“There are people in universities where there is unsure employment outcomes, where those people might a lot better suited to a trade qualification and a definite employment to start with, moving on to business ownership by the time, taking advantages of the company tax cut. This is the circle.”

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